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"I’m back home after 2 days with no wifi or any signal whatsoever" BLOG RATES


Never mind I stayed with my boyfriend’s parents for two whole days. I need a break. So:

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(503): He’s helping me study for the final by writing the vocab words all over his body.

Swotting - the uncropped nc-17 version

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(407): I’ll be there in 10. I need you naked and ready. Warm up.

The one where Arthur receives a phone call one afternoon and then rockets frantically out of his office without a single word to anyone.

And then gets ambushed in the hallway by Mrs. Norwood, their elderly neighbor, who wants to make sure he’s aware of the new parcel delivery rules of the apartment building. Arthur is in agony because Merlin (that absolute beast) is making all sorts of wonderfully explicit noises in his ear, but you can’t just snub a little old lady asking you about “the Amazon-dot-com”.

(Go read the Week One winners here!!)

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Remember when Arthur had to go against his father to protect Merlin. And then Merlin kept his word and never burdened Arthur with his secret so he wouldn’t have to go through that again for him.

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Just Merthur things IV

part: I II III


merlin season 5 + scenery

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